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zales credit card login is issued by Comenity Bank.   This card is an American diamond store which was founded in 1924 in Wichita Falls, Taxes by Morris and this is also a store card which can be used at any Zales jewelry stores. The wonderful Zales credit card is also known for its loyalty.  Zales credit card offers exclusive benefits to its users along with it provides many facilities too such as cardholder can easily pay their bills with very easy methods.  and its give best services & discounts to its holder.  Zales credit card is very friendly and economical for all those people who have a chocoholic habit.  This Zales credit card is the largest jeweler and its especially famous for jewelry,  financing.  Apart from jewelry this incredible Zales’ company also stat up manufacturing cameras and many other appliances.

Zales Credit Card login

Zales Credit Card login


Well, this wonderful credit card has lots of benefits and best features for its users.

  •   No annual fee charge.
  • The cardholder will get 10% discount for all repair service, as long as the customer makes use of their credit card.
  •   Zales credit card encourages special financing as there is no interest rate charged and if the user pain full amount within 6 months
  • If the cardholder pays their bills during the promotional period then you have to make timely payments to benefit from the special financing features and along with Zales card provides a 50% off purchase bonus.
  • Zales credit card has one of the best financing plans.
  • This wonderful card provides free shipping option for cardholders.


Those users who already have their  Zales credit card then they can easily accomplish the login process.  In order to manage your Zales credit card, you have to login into the online account offered by Zales credit card.  Here the instruction has been provided which will take you to the desired place of yours  just have a look.

Zales Credit Card login

Zales Credit Card login

  • First of all the cardholder need to visit the Zales credit card official website.
  • After visiting the site you need to find out the log in option in the web page.
  • After clicking on the log in button you will be reached at another page where could be asked to enter your user id and password with the given boxes.
  • Once you enter username id and password you need to hit the submit button which will be appeared at the same page.

Once your login process will be completed then you can enjoy the thunder offers and benefits of this amazing Zales credit card. And cardholder who have already shopped before then they can pay their shopping bills too, and check transactions, redeem rewards points and much more,


Zales credit card has provided lots of ways to pay their shopping bills.  This wonderful credit card provided plenty facilities to its cardholders. they can pay their bills through online/ offline by mail and in stores, .lets have a look at the instruction which helps to pay cardholder shopping bills.


Stores payments well there are many stores are available and this the best option for those who want to pay their bills at any of nearest Zales credit card store.


Bills payment can be done through online this is the easiest and simple way of making bills payments.

  • To pay your bills online, Cardholder has to visit the official site of  Zales.
  • After reaching the account dashboard you will find out the  pay bill option
  • Once you hit the pay bills option you would be redirected to another page. where you have to enter the due amount of your purchase bills
  • After entering the due amount then the user has to hit the submit button.


As its know to everyone that this wonderful card has provided several bill spaying options and making bills payment through mobile phone is especially for those who don’t want to go for the online option this is the easy option for paying your purchases bills.

  • Zales credit card holder has to call the given number.
  • Number: 877-297-870.
  • Once the user called  the number then he/she has to follow the instruction which will be given through call


The cardholder can even mail the payments to the following address.

  • Comenity Capital  Bank P.O.Box 18003.
  • Columbus, OH 43218-3003.


Well, sometimes many cardholders unable to log in their Zales credit card accounts sometimes cardholders forget their password at that time instead of being worry and panic they can go for the best option which helps to reset the cardholder password. In the below lines, few easy steps are there let’s move on to the steps. First of all the cardholder need to visit  the same login page

  • Once you reached the login page you would see Forgot password option.
  • Click on forgot a password, the user required to enter their credit card number and zip code and last 4 digits of social security number.
  • After entering the requirable details along with email id. then click on continue button.
  • Then after you verification code be sent to your email address
  • Now cardholder need to enter the verification code in the given box
  • Finally, you receive a new password for your credit card.


As we know that there are lots of people are there who don’t know the process for applying for a Zales credit card Login and this is a most frequently asked question that how to apply? Well, we are going to explain the process that how can new one apply for this credit card easily instead of being panic & hesitation. To start up the application process, simply follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Zales credit card homepage and where you can see Apply now button.
  • After loading the application form on the new enrolment page, provided the following information about the applicant.
  • Applicant First Name, Last Name, social security number and date of birth of the applicant, Email address phone number,  along with annual income will be required to fill in the form.
  • After filling these are all details.
  • Then proceed by clicking the continue button.
  • Once your form has been approved then you will get a information through your email.

Well as you can see we have come at the end of our post. We have provided all instructions about Zales credit card login which will definitely help to you. At the time of reading the post if you guys struck anywhere then don’t forget to comment here.